4 Games 1 World

Multiple minigames to play with your friends!

In this world, There are 4 various minigames you and your friends can play with. Such as Sumo, Spleef, TNT Run, and PvP.

📅 Release Date: September 10, 2021

📁 Category: Minigame

🧍 Players Recommended: 2+

About this map:

In this map, there are 4 minigames to play with!

Sumo: Push your friends off the platform until one player is left!
PVP: Simple PVP minigame, where everyone fights each other until one player remains alive! You gain a shield after 3 minutes
Spleef: There are multiple platforms of snow, and you have a shovel! Dig the snow to make the other enemies fall.
TNT Run: Don't stop running! otherwise, you fall to your death.

There is also a button in the corner to pick a random minigame!

The lobby also contains a parkour on the top to play while waiting or spectating others. Everyone can have fun playing minigames!

If you somehow finished the parkour course above the map, there's a secret prize at the end... 👀

Have fun!

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