Brain Twister

Guide the robot to make it reach the gold block!

You are given special blocks. Use them to make the robot reach the gold block! Sounds easy right? RIGHT??

📅 Release Date: ???

📁 Category: Puzzle Map

🧍 Players Recommended: 1-2
(More than 2 is fine though)

About this map:

Welcome to Brain Twister! A long and brain-twisting puzzle map that is inspired by Logic0 and Sub0 by EverbloomGames!

In this game, your mission is to guide a robot to the gold block by strategically placing various special blocks.

These blocks include arrow blocks, which redirect the robot's path in a specific direction. Or rotate blocks, which twist the robot's orientation.

There are many unique types of blocks, which are introduced the more you play this puzzle map.

Navigate through 60 designed puzzles, that progressively increase in difficulty!

There is also a Sandbox Mode that you can unlock at level 10. Use your creativity to design your own level!

So prepare for a challenge! do you think you can do it? Good luck!

Stuck on brain twister? Check the solutions below:

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