Players vs Zombies

Don't let the zombies reach the end!

Defend your base and don't let the zombies reach the end! Use your bow and arrows to kill the zombies! Buy powerups and canons to your advantage!

📅 Release Date: September 05, 2021

📁Category: Minigame

🧍 Players Recommended: 1-4 Players

About this map:

This is Players vs Zombies. A minigame map based on the game Plants vs Zombies

You have a bow and arrow! Use them to shoot and kill zombies and stop them from reaching your base!
If a zombie reaches your base, you lose 1 heart. That's bad!
If you lose all your hearts and die, then the game is over.
Each time you kill a zombie, you get a point from 1 up to 5 points. Gather up points so you can buy power-ups and cannons!

There are three difficulties to adjust the game:

Easy (for singleplayer)
Normal (for 2-4 players)
Hard (for 3-4 players)
Your goal is to survive as long as you can.
Good luck!

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