Random Generated Parkour!

This world lets you generate completely random parkour and can choose how difficult the parkour generates!

📅 Release Date: February 14, 2022

📁Category: Practice Map, Parkour

🧍 Players Recommended: 1
(Multiplayer is fine though)

About this map:

RandoParko. It means RandomParkour. I know. interesting name.
The unique thing about this map is that it lets you generate an entirely new parkour that you haven't tried before!

You can enable blocks, ladders, or use jump boost.

You can choose a difficulty:
• Very Easy
• Easy
• Normal (Default)
• Hard
• Fences Only

Press the button on the gold block to start generating! Good luck!

Note: Some parkour might be impossible to beat due to an unlucky generation process. You can use blocks, ladders, or jump boost to beat that.

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