Try Hard Practice

Practice your skills in 5 different areas!

Need to improve your PVP skills? You can try this map!  We have an Aim, Block Clutch, Bow aim, MLG, and Bridging.

📅 Release Date: August 31, 2021

📁Category: Practice Map

🧍 Players Recommended: 1
(Multiplayer is fine though)

About this map:

"Try Hard Practice" is a map made for people who want to practice and improve their PvP skills in-game. There is a lack of PvP practice maps made in Minecraft, So we made this to help people improve their skills!

This map includes five different game modes that are all meant to improve their skill and gameplay in these situations. We have an Aim trainer, Clutch Practice, Bow aim practice, MLG Clutch practice, and Bridging practice.

Use the fishing rod to go back lobby.
(Clutch) Use the Bat spawn egg to Reset the map
(MLG) Use the Ocelot spawn egg to Go back up / Reset the map
(MLG) Use the Silverfish spawn egg to choose another type of game mode
(Bridge) Use the Rabbit spawn egg to Reset the map

Helped by my friend zNovusego!

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